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Permanent Makeup Chelmsford Eyes, cosmetic eye makeup without the effort.

Eyes are the first area that people look at you when having a conversation, let cosmetic permanent makeup give your eyes a more wide awake and youthful look, Permanent Makeup Chelmsford can offer you a vast array of options, make your eyes more look beautiful with the neatest cosmetic look. 

Permanent Eyeliner Enhancement
Permanent Shaded Eyeliner Enhancement
Permanent Latino Eyeliner Enhancement
Permanent Pearl Eyeliner Enhancement
Permanent Lash Enhancement

Permanent Makeup Chelmsford Eyeliner

"A wide range of permanent eyeliner's to compliment your eyes" 

We offer a wide range of permanent eyeliners, starting with the lash enhancement, this will give a subtle look and gives you a nice minimal effect across the base of the lashes.

Next comes the permanent shaded liner, this is line that is shaded slightly into the eye, some people really like a nice crisp eye liner of course this can also be carried out instead of the shaded liner, its all about personal choice with your cosmetic makeup.

The Latino has a nice gentle flick at the end that tapers into the eye.

The pearl is a combination of two colours faded into each other.

Our makeup treatments are available across the whole of the Chelmsford Essex area, we always welcome permanent makeup clients from the London home counties and UK wide.

Please contact us for more Permanent Makeup details and prices, let us advise you on what is best for you, and your cosmetic permanent makeup.



Permanent Makeup Chelmsford
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