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Permanent Makeup Chelmsford Lips 

Lips can give you a stunning look, liner, full & half blush and more can be created, we can create a full lip colour that replicate lipstick we can also correct uneven lip shape... No more lipstick marks on cups and glasses!


Permanent makeup lips, your choice of lip colours!

Choose a natural colour or you can beautify your lips, permanent cosmetic makeup is the choice of many.

Permanent Lip Liner
Permanent Semi Lip blush Colour
Permanent Full Lip blush Colour

Permanent Makeup Chelmsford Lip Tattoo

Permanent Makeup Chelmsford can has the widest rage of pigments possible, direct supplies of the best cosmetic lip colours, your choice is endless!

Permanent Lip Liner

This can be used give a nice outline around the lips, this results in a permanent lip liner around outside border of the lips, this can be used for correcting shape, and can give a nice look with the choice of right colours.

Permanent Semi Lip Colour

This will incorporate the above permanent lip liner but will also include a nice colour that and includes a colour that fades into the lips, the colour selected can be a blend, a perfect match or a lip colour that contrasts the lip liner, you will have beautiful stunning lips.

Permanent Full Lip Colour

This includes all of the above plus much more, with a full colour covering the lips you will have makeup that does not smudge, many will envy this look as they have to keep applying their lipstick, this is a full look that covers the whole area, you will look stunning with a complete look throughout!

Let us help you choose the permanent lip colour to give you the perfect makeup all day long.

Please contact Permanent Makeup Chelmsford for details and prices, make your first step to having the best makeup available without the time taken, and enjoy having waterproof and smudge proof cosmetic lip colours 24/7.

We welcome clients from the London home counties and UK wide, please use our permanent makeup contact details page or call direct for more information.





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