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Permanent Makeup Chelmsford Eyebrows 

Eyebrows can create a look that no other treatment can. Permanent makeup can be used to produce beautiful, stunning and elegant brows, this is why you find that many celebrities of all ages are turning to cosmetic makeup. Many have never seen expert work, carried out in the right hands the look is amazing, this can give you a more youthful effect that many will envy.

Permanent makeup eyebrows, hairstroke or powder!

The use of the eyebrow tattoo has been carried out for many years but recently techniques have advanced fully in this area.  Permanent Makeup Chelmsford carries this out with the dedication that you deserve, carefully placing the semi permanent makeup pigment with the shape and definition you long for, giving you the perfect brows.

Hairstroke Permanent Eyebrows

Powder Permanent Eyebrows


 Permanent Makeup Chelmsford Essex eyebrows tattooing

Hairstroke Brows.

Permanent makeup Chelmsford have been carrying out the "hair stroke eyebrows" for some years, there are other special names for this type of eyebrow but they are essentially the same (brush stroke brows, eyebrow tattoo hairstroke  brows) we certainly like to just use the two simple names, (Hair stroke and powder) to keep things simple.  Our hairstroke brows will give you fine strokes that can mimic the look of hair, skilfully and clinically carried out, in a stroke by stroke pattern.

Powder Brows.

The "powder Brow" look can give great shape and style is certainly a very popular eyebrow with many, your permanent eyebrows will  have a very defined look, if you have sparse eyebrows currently no look can give you the model effect that this style does.  Permanent Makeup Chelmsford are able to give you hairstroke or powder brows that would amaze you .

This is the main styles of permanent makeup eyebrows, at times people will select a mixture of the two,(powder/hairstroke) this is no problem, we think our brows are certainly the highest standard and producing the best permanent makeup, for this reason many happy clients travel to us around the UK to have there cosmetic makeup carried out.

Our services are based in and around the Chelmsford, Essex, close to the M25 & A12 Essex, we welcome clients from the London home counties and UK wide.  please call or mail for more Permanent Makeup details and prices.

Permanent Makeup Chelmsford
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